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  • 500 sqmt
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  • Floors 4
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AROLO - prestigious villa with spectacular view

Price upon request

Lovely villa overlooking the lake with incredible view.

Right on the lake, prestigious property with the possibility to personally complete it on a plot of 4 ht. 4 bedrooms with bathroom, billiard room, swimming pool.

LAKE MAGGIORE - is the largest lake in Italy, after Garda, and is the largest in the so-called three lakes region, where luxury villas are also for sale. Lake Maggiore extends into the Lombardy Pre-Alps occupying a large valley, a continuation of the Ticino river, along which the great glacier descended.

It has a surface area of 212 sq. km, the waters are at an average height of 193 m. a.s.l.; the perimeter is 170 km; it's length at the longest point is 54km.

Lake Maggiore contains seven islands, the two islands of Brissago; the four Borromean islands (Isola Madre, Isola S. Giovanni, Isola Superiore, Isola Bella) in the Gulf of Pallanza the island of Partegora, in the southern end between Angera and Arona. You can also consider the two islets on which Castel di Cannero stands, to be among the islands.

The average depth is 175 m, while the maximum depth is 375m between Cannero and Ghiffa.

The main tributary of Lake Maggiore is the Ticino River, which enters the lake at Magadino, forming a vast alluvial plain, and its only emissary is at Sesto Calende.

To the south of Punta Castagnola, on the western side, the beautiful Gulf of Pallanza opens up. It is rich in luxury villas, which are also for sale, its background is dominated by the spectacular scenery of the alpine mountain range covered with perennial snow. The lake looks enormous here. In fact, between Laveno and Feriolo opens across a distance of 12 km. The western shore continues to Arona on the slopes of the rounded granite Mottarone mountain, and the gardens and the luxury villas have a wonderful set of aspects and colours.

The eastern shore appears lower but also more sunny, extending south of Laveno, to Angera; there is only the steep fortress on which you will find the Sanctuary of S. Caterina del Sasso and the hill of S. Quirico with the fortress of Angera. To the south of Arona and Angera, the lake narrows more and more, with somewhat shady shores, until it comes to Sesto Calende and resumes looking like a river. Also on this very sunny shore, there are many luxurious villas, even for sale.

The climate of Lake Maggiore is generally very mild; along the shores products from hot countries can be cultivated, especially in some of the most well-preserved places, such as Meina, Intra, Pallanza, Stresa and Cànnero, which are almost like islands with their own climate where olive trees, cedars, lemons, oranges and many tropical plants grow. The average winter temperature ranges from 3° to 6°; the summer average ranges from 25° to 28°.

Like in the other subalpine basins, Lake Maggiore blows periodic winds: the cold north wind from the north, in the early hours of the morning; the so-called invernawind that blows south after 10 o'clock in the morning. Other characteristic winds of the lake are the mergozzo, which flows from the West on the Gulf of Pallanza and the maggiora, a strong and stormy wind.

Lake Maggiore is rich in fish that live in its waters: trout, lake whitefish, arctic char, pike, agoni, carp, tench, alburnus arborella, common barbel, European chub, eels, burbot, largemouth bass, and pumpkinseed. Lake Maggiore trout are very famous and are great for eating.

On the shores of Lake Maggiore, a particularly beautiful vegetation thrives due to the special climatic conditions that often surround the many luxury villas that overlook the lake.

Along the two banks there are many towns. The most important ones on the western shore are: Arona, Mèina, Lesa, Belgirate, Stresa (at the foot of the Mottarone mountain), Baveno, Suna, Pallanza, Intra, Ghiffa, Oggebbio, Cànnero, Cannobio and in Swiss territory Brissago Ascona , Locarno, all of them are beautiful and have luxury hotels, where many tourists and holidaymakers go in every season. On the eastern shore there are: Angera, Laveno, Luino, Maccagno and, in the Swiss territory, Magadino.

A steamboat and oil boat service allows you to travel around the lake in every direction; many tourists also use the railways that run along the Piedmont shore between Arona and Pallanza, and along the entire Lombardy shore.

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  • Energy efficiency rating : C


  • Super market: 5 minutes by Car
  • Coffee shop: 3 minutes by Car
  • Airport: 35 minutes by Car
  • Hospital: 10 minutes by Car
  • Town center: 1 minutes by Car


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